Hair Loss Treatment

Are you experiencing hair loss and looking for solutions to restore your lost hairs? Satya Hair Transplant Clinic in India offers the authentic hair loss solutions that are delivered by the team of experts. We have been serving the seekers from around the world and especially US. We offer the best quality services like those available in US but at much lesser cost. Dr. Shail Gupta who leads the team at Satya Clinic is a noted hair restoration expert and offers authentic advice to every seeker.

Since the causes of hair loss are different in both men and women, we first analyze the hair loss pattern in every case and then resonant solution is prescribed. Our India clinic specializes in whole range of hair restoration services that are currently in practice in US and the world over. A combination of surgical and non surgical treatments are made use of depending on the type and causes of baldness in every case. If the hair loss is detected at an early stage then it is possible to arrest it through medicines alone. However, to cure baldness permanently, we make use of frontline hair transplant procedures as per the best clinical practices. You get your natural hairs back as if you never lost them!

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Baldness grades and the choice of appropriate treatment –

It has been found through research that the level of baldness is increasing with time. More people are now getting effected with baldness characteristics; although, the extent and type of it may differ in various cases. Even the young men in the age group 22 – 24 are developing the signs of baldness. Baldness etiology counts stress among many other factors!

Technically, various stages of baldness have been segregated into different grades. Experts recommend that the persons with higher baldness grade like 7 could seek permanent solution through the hair transplant surgery which is considered most effective; although there are various other methods available at clinics like –

1. Medicinal
2. Procedural
3. Non surgical

Those suffering from diffuse hair loss treatment and androgenetic alopecia are invariably advised for hair transplant surgery as a permanent cure.

Medicines are prescribed to prevent the further hair loss and promote the hair re-growth in areas that show early signs of hair loss yet without baldness!

Procedural treatments include stem cell therapy, mesotherapy and PRP. These are considered as the adjuvant along with medicines for those who suffer from diffuse hair loss and without any discernible balding features.

Around the world, hair transplant has emerged as the best option for hair restoration and re-growth.

Satya Hair Transplant Clinic in India specializes in the frontline hair transplant techniques like FUE, FUT and DSFT. The seekers get thick, lustrous hairs that continue to grow naturally. The person can even get hair cut or shave them anytime.


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