PRP - Non Surgical Treatment

What is PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma?

One of the revolutionary methods that have recently hit the hair industry to treat hair baldness, excessive hair loss, patchy hair baldness, hair thinning and more is by the effective hair treatment of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). The much talked and trending hair treatment is quite effective and is a safe method as it is completely non-surgical and has so far delivered successful results for patients fighting the problem of hair baldness.

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PRP (Platelet rich plasma) for hair regrowth

In a patient who is having hair loss, these are two aims of treatment.First to reduce his existing hair loss,second to regrow new hair in the areas where hair are thinning .Medicines are effective in reducing hairloss but fail to regrow new hair in some cases.PRP(Platelet rich plasma) for hair regrowth is a very good option in such cases.Not only PRP(Platelet rich plasma) helps in hair loss reduction, but also improves the quality & texture of hair .At satya hair transplant clinic,we have ben doing PRP(Platelet rich plasma) for hair regrowth since 2013.We have seen excellent result in hair loss with PRP(Platelet rich plasma).

At Satya hair transplant clinic we have a specialized technique of combining hair transplant with PRP for hair regrowth which not only helps in reducing shock hair loss but also helps in growth of transplanted hair at a faster pace.

2-3 sessions of PRP are generally recommended for hair regrowth although hair loss is reduced significantly from the very first session of prp.In all PRP for hair regrowth is one of the most scientific & proven treatment.

Thousands of patients done at Satya hair transplant clinic are testimony to this.


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